Dr. Tracy Baker Baker

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Dr. Tracy Baker
Residing In: Stigler, OK USA
Children (and maybe even grandchildren!): Dawn M. Hansen
Branch of Military Service: USAF  
Occupation: Medical Doctor-Family Medicine, Medical Director
Class Year: 1969
Dr. Tracy Baker


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Cheyenne, Wyoming
San Antonio, Texas
Wichita, Kansas
Araxos, Greece


I had an interesting and surprising event several weeks back. I had finished a minor surgery on a patient and was talking to him. I was very surprised(as was he!)to find out he went to the same high school I did and even more surprised to find out he is the son of one of my high school classmates(Helen Doyle Geller). What a coincidence! The chances of that must be in the millions. It is a lot like Keystone Heights except much more hilly. We have deer and other wildlife come up in our yard. A neighbor about 1/4 mile away has seen a cougar on his land and I have seen bobcat tracks on our property. We have seen some of the biggest coyotes imaginable around our property. I spent 12 years in the USAF, then got off active duty(still in inactive Reserves), finished Pre-Med at Wichita State University, took the Medical College Admissions Test, the hardest test imaginable and then went to the University of Kansas School of Medicine, doing my last two years in Wichita(first two are always in Kansas City). I then did a three year Residency in Family Medicine in Wichita. Then I served in Private Practice with the Wichita Clinic-Augusta Branch in Augusta, KS for 13 years. I have moved on to greener pastures here in Stigler. I have published a book entitled "Patients From Hell-Stories of Problem Patients and Patient's Problems". You can find it on Amazon.com and Authorhouse.com. It has funny stories, sad stories, gross and gruesome stories and very dramatic stories-that is what the practice of medicine is like. My practice here has patients with lots of serious medical and Psychiatric problems that are much more difficult to treat than the average medical practice. Very challenging! But I like that. Our clinic, the Stigler Health and Wellness Center is part of a chain of five(we are growing-fast)medical clinics and I am Medical Director of the clinics here. Not too much involved with that responsibility besides practicing medicine. Except the other practicioners come to me with difficult problems they cannot handle and it is my responsibility to make the major decisions regarding medical policy. Things like deciding what equipment we have, what medical protocols we follow for different problems and etc. My medical practice consumes about 90% of my time and Medical Director duties about 10%. Those of you who remember how shy I was in High School can probably hardly imagine me doing the things I do, but people change and I have. I am a Christian and belong to a Baptist Church here. It is by the grace of God that I am where I am. I would enjoy contact with my class mates to catch up on what they are doing. In April of 2011, I became the Medical Director of a chain of 5 clinics(Health and Wellness Centers)in Stigler, Eufaula, Checotah, Poteau and Sallisaw, Oklahoma. I am seeing less patients and dealing with the decision making of running of the four clinics. And I thought being a Medical Doctor was crazy at times! As Medical Director, I have to deal with the difficult egos and personalities of doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners and Physician Assistants. The problem is that when people get to practicing medicine, they tend to get big egos and think they know it all. That really irritates those of us who do(laugh!). And the paperwork is horrendous! Each day, I have to go through a stack of paperwork 2-3 inches thick. It's a good thing I learned to speed read a long time ago(a necessary skill to survive medical school-believe me). Non illegitami carborundum(don't let those who are illegitimate grind you down-the polite version)

Family/Sibling(s) Status:
(i.e., Name, Graduating class, etc)

Sister Ellen Aull-lives in Georgia
Brother Owen Baker-lives in Tennessee
Brother Scott-deceased-heart attack at 40 y/o

How did you hear about the www.KHHSAlumni.com site?

From another classmate Marshall Gallop-I think.

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Happy Birthday(belated-sorry)!


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Happy Birthday(belated-sorry)!


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Happy Birthday Gary!

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Happy Birthday Joanne!

Sep 05, 2017 at 10:19 PM

Yes, I got remarried to a woman from Texas and now she lives here. I am retired now and if the Hurricanes cooperate, we are going to take a trip down to St. Augustine/Jacksonville(see my daughter)and visit Keystone Hts. 9/18-25. Things are going well. Published another book "Cold Warrior Hell"(non-fiction), available at Amazon. I have another book in the works(What Happens Next?)half finished. It is fiction about a 16 year old girl who gets Leukemia and the life struggles she faces as a Christian in that circumstance. It is a high drama book that Bette, my wife, loves. Tracy

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I am a little early, but Happy Birthday to you!


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Happy Birthday Lynn! Your birthday is on the same day as the solar eclipse.


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Happy Birthday!!!


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Happy Birthday, Lynn!


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Happy Birthday, Debbie! Roanoke, VA is a long way from Keystone Heights!


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Happy Birthday, Debbie1

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Happy Birthday! Thanks for your recent comments, Debbie. I do hope you enjoy the book. My address is: 40225 E. 1221 Dr., Stigler, OK 74462. My life has been and continues to be soooooo crazy. Sometimes I get stressed to the max. But there are tremendous blessings from God. Just before my first back surgery(Jan. 2013), I found out Kathy had been stealing prescription narcotics from our church members. Most people have a few in their medicine cabinets and, in the guise of Bible studies or "visiting" people, she would ask to use their restroom and steal drugs from them. Reprehensible. She had to face some serious consequences since she had done this before and she divorced me because of this. I did not abuse her. I wasn't sure I would ever get married again, but Bette and I met on Match.com and fell in love quickly. She is a retired schoolteacher. Things in my life sure are crazy! Bette thinks so too. Last night I went home and there were 6 deer in my back yard, 5 does and a yearly.
When you read my book, you may realize I have developed a kooky sense of humor not apparent in high school(I was too shy). Bette has a kooky sense of humor too. There are some shocking stories in the book. Things that "normal" people like you probably never see or hear about. Lots of drama, like my life then and now. I will try to attach a picture of Bette. She doesn't look it, but we are very close in age, her being 2 years younger. Her personality is as wonderful as her smile. She is the one in the middle. I do hope your birthday is wonderful! Tracy